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Partner with an Experienced
Entrepreneur to create a Legendary Company

I'm Kilian Bazin, looking for a co-Founder ready to build together a Legendary Company with a mission to Fight Climate Change.

I'm bringing onboard Scale-up co-Founder Experience from 0 to 10m€ARR; Self-awareness & Appetite for Growth.


Build a Legendary Founding Team, Together.

Climate Change and fighting it are the seed for a lot of new businesses that will change the world "for real" in the next few years.


Some will be moon shots. That's the plan.

But I don't want to do it on my own. I want to share the ups and downs, the joy and the intellectual excitement with my closest collaborator: a Business Partner.

I was blessed with my previous trio, co-founders: Charles Miglietti & Baptiste Jourdan. I'm looking for the same level of excellence.

Looking for more ethnic or gender diversity? That's would be a BIG YES.

Work Culture

Here are the core values I use to grow alongside a team.


Pick your Battles

Limited ressources

= need for focus and controlled experiments.


Each One Teach One

I love sharing knowledge. Looking for new experiences to transpose.


Be Well & Take Care

 Work-life balance is mandatory. Healthy and easy-going environment.


Radical Candor

I care personally at the same time that I challenge directly.


Don't Do Nothing

Let's get rid of Social Loafing and be better together.

I'm clear on my life purpose: provoke with words and images the many people to take action, for the common issues. 

Broad Experience & Expertise

Bootstraped from 0 to 5m€ARR, I was co-CEO, Product, Account Executive on the field for complex sales & Marketer.

Under VC I was CMO and deepend Product Marketing in FR & EN, Demand Gen, Communication, Prospection & Sales Enablement.

All along the way I was in charge of Hiring & Processes in the organization.

I'm both Hands-on & Strategic

I've got both a strategic and a pragmatic mind. I love to use actionable frameworks getting 80% of things done in seconds and then iterate with team members according to Field observations. 

I test ENTJ - Commander & INTJ - Architect for MBTI if you know about that one.


I'm Hungry for more

I've taken time to improve my self-awareness.


Being an entrepreneur is my way of connecting to people and the world.

My Experiences

Hear It from My Network


"Working with my friend Kilian was awesome, we made it through 0 to 1 and then to scale up phase with a lot of enthusiasm." 

Charles, CEO & Co-founder, Toucan Toco

Some Stuff I Wrote


Personal Life

I'm 36 yo, married, dad of 2 girls 3 & 5 yo.

I'm deeply rooted in a healthy life with family, outdoor sports, close friends & camping.

Oh wait! Cat's name is Hadopi.

With the Right Partner, Everything is Possible

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