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Build a Sales & Marketing Engine with an Experienced B2B Entrepreneur at your side

Business is a balancing act with opposing concepts, especially when talking about Sales & Marketing. Let's develop your balancing skills and boost your performance as CEO.

I'm working with you at the interfaces: Sales & Marketing, Inbound VS Outbound, Digital VS Field Marketing, Demand Gen & SDR, Product Marketing & Closers, etc.

Remove friction points and put everyone on the same page. I'll be at your side.


Why Me? Because Growing Fast is a specific job I know.

I'm Kilian Bazin, the co-founder of Toucan Toco, a 10m€ ARR Analytics Scale-up. I'm taking a break from "business as usual" to provide you with an actionable B2B PlayBook so you too can build your Sales & Marketing Engine.

Putting theory into practice is not easy, but there are some tricks of the trade. Life is too short to reinvent Business PlayBooks - take a page from mine and give your efficiency a boost.

Let's save time,
I've got leverage for you if you are: 


b2b first - or want to be


selling subscriptions - software, industry, service...


growing fast - at least 10%


investing in Sales & Marketing - "seed to serie B"

Use Me to


from B2C to B2B

SDR and AE are new jobs. Marketing has a lot of new channels to explore.


Up to Mid Market or Enterprise

Sales cycle is longer.

You need tighter connection between sales & marketing.


High Growth or

You don't know what you don't know.

This is when it hurts.

You don't know what you don't know.

Growing is hard. It works until it doesn't.

Work Samples

After an initial diagnostic, we will work weekly on your top priorities.

Topics may include:


Quarterly Lead Generation Detailed Action Plan


Sales Deck & Sales Process Creation or Review


Advisor Interviews for Sales & Marketing  recruits


Ideal Customer Profile Definition


Organizational Charts Design


Certification Program for SDR & Sales Closers


PlayBooks & Common Work Sessions

Get my specific Point of View

on your company

Benefit from Broad Experience & Expertise

I was a sole contributor, manager and manager of managers in both Sales & Marketing.

Bootstraped from 0 to 5m€ARR, I was co-CEO and know what "frugal" means. Under VC, I was CMO and deepend Product Marketing in FR & EN, Demand Gen, Communication, Prospection & Sales Enablement.

All along the way, I was in charge of Hiring & process building in the organization.

Get both Hands-on, Actionable Frameworks & Strategic Advice

Make Choices in minutes and minimize your risk in execution in just a few hours.

I've got a strategic and pragmatic mind. I love to use actionable frameworks to get 80% done in seconds- then, iterate with team members inline with field observations. 

Not long ago, I was running a business too. I'm up to date. I'll use your time as a CEO very carefully.


Start Today,
with no Engagement

Looking for an independent Advisor? Here I am.

Get outstanding results from the first hour of work. Stop whenever you want. 3-6 months program for outstanding results.

Clients that made it

They said this


"Kilian is challenging us on strategic and operational sales & marketing topics. He is demanding, but the hours we spend together are a breath of fresh air in my day to day."

Edouard Roblot, Intra-preneur and CEO of Idex BU

Some Stuff I Wrote

With the Right Advisor, Everything is Possible

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